Message from The Principal

William Duffy, principal

John Winthrop Middle School is committed to educating the whole child through comprehensive
programming to meet the needs of young adolescents. As articulated by the National Middle School Association:
Thriving now and in the future requires becoming lifelong learners and demands more than a basic understanding
of reading, writing, and mathematics. It is vitally important to recognize that the areas of development – physical,
intellectual, moral, psychological, and social-emotional – are inexorably intertwined, making the achievement of
academic success highly dependent upon the other developmental needs also being met.

To this end, we embrace the challenges associated with educating the middle school student. Individuals are
challenged, supported and celebrated through our Advisory Connection Team (ACT) program, high academic
standards, and expectations for positive interpersonal conduct. John Winthrop staff and students accept the
challenges that may arise in our everyday lives and encourage problem solving.

Below you will find summaries of various school programs, services and activities.

Team Newsletters: Check the link on our website to read Team Newsletters for curriculum and instruction updates
from JW teachers.

Advisory Connection Team (ACT): John Winthrop’s Advisory Connection Team’s are the foundation of our character
education and anti-bullying effort. Each Wednesday morning our ACT groups meet to engage in discussion and activity
based on the weekly theme. For example, students will discuss self-respect during a December lesson. Groups consist
f one teacher and 10-15 students. The ACT program provides the venue for meaningful learning about important
concepts and personal connection between adults and students. We believe that student self-reflection and a strong
positive connection to school create a vibrant, respectful community where all members can learn to their greatest

Parent Council: We are very fortunate to have such supportive parents.  Parent Council meets at JWMS throughout the
year to plan events and communicate schools issues. See the Parent Council link for scheduled meeting dates and times.

Young Scholars: Our Talented and Gifted program is open to all students and enriches the academic curriculum.
Students have opportunity to engage in problem solving, exploration, and individual expression in various formats.
Activities include Lego Robotics, Mock Trial, Debate, School Newspaper, Math Counts, JWMS TV Station, Civics First,
and other special projects.

After School Activities: Participation in extra curricular activities and programs is encouraged to promote community
and connection to school. In addition to intramural and interscholastic sports, students may choose from a host of other
engaging programs that require various levels of commitment. Teachers are also able to initiate new activities throughout
the year to support student interest. 
Interscholastic Sports: Boys and Girls Soccer (Fall), Boys & Girls Basketball (Winter), Girls Softball and Boys Baseball (Spring)
Intramural Sports: Fall: Field Hockey (Girls), Volleyball (Girls), Soccer (Girls), Flag Football (Co-Ed), Cross Country (Co-Ed).
Winter: Volleyball (Co-Ed). Spring: Track (Co-Ed), Field Hockey (Girls).
Other Activities: Drama Club, Homework Hangout, Yearbook, Jazz Band, Science Bowl, Winter Sports Club, Youth in Action.
Principal's Blog: Parents are kept up-to-date with my bi-monthly communication blog. This online log is emailed to all
parents in our database. If you are not receiving my blog, contact our front office to make sure your email address is 
correct and complete.